Funding Ministry
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Gospel Decision Motive Research
Ralph is leading an effort to help our Nav staff and other ministry leaders understand why people decide to follow Jesus. Understanding these decision motives can help ministers better communicate to people the wonderful truths of Jesus. This project is sponsored through the Nav Neighbors Mission of The Navigators.

Daniel Bible Study

What does it mean to live and work as a follower of Jesus in a pluralistic culture where you feel like an alien? Daniel live and worked in this type of environment. This study draws on Daniel's experiences and focuses on forming vocational convictions.

Visual Faith Project
Ralph is spearheading the Visual Faith Project in partnership with Vibrant Faith to develop resources and process to better disciple young people age 5-18. Central to these efforts is the use of images to better engage life with Scripture. After our image-based research in 5 cities to understand ‘starting points’ of students and parents, we are now field testing various resources and training others. This effort is designed to address problem of many young people leaving the church. Vibrant Faith serves over 5,000 youth leaders. 

Current Work