Story and Contact


​​This background image was taken near the place I grew upMorehead City, NC.

  Thus my fascination with the mysteries of oceans, beyondness of sky, shifting lines in the sand, explorations of people's hearts on piers and dynamic tensions of the ecosystemand the triune God Who has created all spaces

Pursuing the art of thinking, imagining and deciding!  

   Personal Inclinations 

    I enjoy integration of abstractions and imaginations of futures. 

  Whys and What's Not Here 

   Why is an important question to me. All my whys return to the    

   triune God and the nature of the space He created. What's not

   here is a question that implies discovery and innovation

   ​a pursuit that often wakes me up long before sunrise.

   Ministry and Work Bio Sketch 

​   (one-page download)

Marriage and Family

In 2018 Jennifer and I celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary. We have four married children and fifteen grandchildren.

Interests and Curiosities

I enjoy sports (esp. tennis), art and live music, travel

and the wonderful diversity of nature and cultures.