Ways of Jesus

Way of Love

Love is an "anything" word in todays world. We define it for our own convenience as we live among other fallen beings. Yet the way of love is the way of Jesus. He is the jealous lover of our souls who pursues to redeem us.

Way of Sacrifice

Sacrifice is a difficult concept. We abhor loss. We labor to gain. True sacrifice is a willingness to labor without the guarantee of gain. Jesus models the way of sacrifice ... all the way to the cross.

Way to the Father

Jesus said many things. He proclaimed He is the way to the Father. We do well to explore and follow His way into the heart of the Father.

 As an imperfect being in an imperfect world, I have sought to see and live into the ways of Jesus.

This has been a wonderful journey with many highs, lows and in-betweens!  

And I have sought to embedded the ways of Jesus in all my writings.

​​Way of Humility

Humility is a difficult word. When we seek it we find we lose it. If we ignore it, then all the insecurities, lusts, envies and exaggerations of the soul that have been with humanity from the fall become our playground of life. Jesus' way of humility is a by-product of truly seeing ourselves as God names us.

Way of Serving

Jesus served people. He healed the sick; He feed the hungry. He addressed the longing of humanity in practical ways. And He calls us to serve our fellow humans even as we steward the humanity God has given us.